Teachers Day At SK Tampulan 2012

Simple, yet memorable do

KOTA KINABALU: Cakes, bananas and drinks were all they needed to celebrate Teachers Day at SK Tampulan in Telipok.
Although it was nothing extravagant, 53 pupils joined in the one-hour simple celebration to express their appreciation and gratitude for their teachers.
SK Tampulan, located uphill about 5km from Telipok town and 30km from here, is one of the remote schools near the city.
The school administrative assistant, Ebly Kassim, 43, said Teachers Day was an opportunity for both pupils and teachers to mingle.
“We tell them what the occasion is about so the pupils can have a better understanding… they were also given the opportunity to read out their speeches.
“The celebration was simple and food was prepared by the teachers but it was a joy to see the children enjoying themselves,” he said.
He added that there were 13 teachers in the school.
Most of the pupils come from four nearby villagers, namely Tampulan, Lawa Mandau, Sri Melidan and Bunsut.
Some walk 4km to get to school while others hitch a ride from any available vehicle.
Mathematics teacher Musyiri Jarawi, 32, rides his motorcycle to the school on a gravel road everyday.
He said the sports performance among the schoolchildren was excellent. “Our goal is to do our very best to guide the pupils.”

Read more: Simple, yet memorable do – General – New Straits Times http://www.nst.com.my/nation/general/simple-yet-memorable-do-1.84756#ixzz1vVoLzwA0


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